About us

Laura Menéndez Sepúlveda

Psychology is my passion. I especially love working with children and their families, helping children to face their fears, anxieties, anguish and, fundamentally, to be able to put into words what is happening to them inside.

I love to see them grow and see how they gradually become independent people, with their own thoughts, magical worlds, projects and ideals. I have worked for many years in the Mental Health Department of the J. A. Fernández Public Hospital in Argentina, and also in the Neonatology Service of a private clinic, where I accompanied parents at the difficult time of having their children hospitalised. These roles filled my soul and rewarded me both professionally and personally. I am now living in Vancouver, Canada, and working in a Montessori.

Teresa Menéndez Sepúlveda

I was born in Argentina but I moved to Ireland over a decade ago, where I live with my husband and my children. I love writing and that’s why I have dedicated myself to working in communications. I hold a degree in Social Communications (Austral University, Argentina), as well as a MA in Cultural Policy and Arts Management (UCD, Ireland). I worked in Institutional Communications, Media Relations and Marketing in Argentina and Ireland, both in companies and cultural organisations, as well as for the Catholic Church. Some of my most rewarding jobs were organising the 50th International Eucharistic Congress and the 19th World Meeting of Families in Ireland. I love working on projects that inspire me, spending time with my family, and playing tennis.

Maru Guerrico

I was born in Buenos Aires and I also had the opportunity to live in Santiago de Chile and New York. From an early age I was fascinated by art and painting. I graduated as a Graphic Designer from the University of Buenos Aires. In the following years, I participated in various art workshops where I continued to perfect various techniques. In 2009 I moved to New York, where I continued my pursuit of new and old art techniques at the School of Visual Arts (SVA). Back in Buenos Aires in 2013, I continued my artistic journey with great teachers such as Eduardo Stupía (2016 - Torcuato Di Tella University), Juan Astica (2015 – Museum of Bellas Artes), Alejo Musich (2016 – Art Clinic), and Verónica Gómez (2020 – Art Clinic in progress). I currently work as a visual artist, illustrator and run watercolour workshops. I am inspired by nature and the sea, and I am passionate about horses and sports.